Geo-survey, environmental analysis and sub-surface exploration firm in Madagascar

The RockSolid team is made up of geophysical engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, environment specialists and topographers.

RockSolid can carry out various types of underground and surface prospection by mobilizing a wide range of measuring equipment.

  •  Electrical Tomography (ERT): RockSolid has a 60-electrode subsurface electrical resistivity measurement system capable of 2D subsurface imaging to depths greater than 140 m using a pole configuration -pole. Moreover, it is possible for us to work, with this device, in several configurations such as Wenner (α, β, ϒ), Wenner-Schlumberger, dipole-dipole, pole-pole, etc.
  • Vertical Electrical Sounding (SEV), Electrical Profiling (PE) and Spontaneous Polarization (SP): RockSolid has two resistivitymeters of different types. It is possible to work with these devices in several types of configuration and to investigate the subsoil with different degrees of precision up to more than 200 m deep.
  • Magnetic: RockSolid has two Proton Magnetometers, Model G-857 from Geometrics, with a resolution of 0.1 nT for measuring the total magnetic field (1 base & 1 rover).
  • Electro-magnetic: RockSolid can carry out TDEM prospection by mobilizing equipment and a dedicated team with extensive experience in this type of acquisition.
  • Seismic (MASW and Refraction): RockSolid is able to perform this type of prospecting using partner’s equipment.
  • Topographic measurements: RockSolid mobilizes several types of Total station device, depending on the client’s objectives.

RockSolid teams are autonomous in the field, with own camp, and able to move everywhere with 4wd vehicules.

More service to come in the future…

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Geo-survey, environmental analysis and sub-surface exploration firm in Madagascar. 

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